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Alex & Belle

Corona Del Mar, CA

As a first time mother who went from the corporate world to motherhood, I couldn’t have picked a more nurturing, compassionate and loving postpartum night doula to help care for my newborn and to provide me the wisdom I needed as a first time mom. Doris is a true professional who truly loves what she does; her love for babies is evident in her work. As elated as I was leaving the hospital with my new baby, I was also swept over with a wave of fear…wondering to myself now what, but when I was greeted at my house with Doris’s calm smiling face, all my fears were allayed.

Kyle & Amy

Escondido, CA

When our daughter, Quinn, was born in December of 2007, we thought she was the only angel in our lives...and then Doris entered our home. All of the nervousness and anticipation of expanding our family immediately disappeared. She brought with her a sense of calm and nurture that created overwhelming peace in our experiences with our new baby girl. Her wealth of knowledge, tremendous heart and soft spoken words proved to be more than we ever could have wished for during such an eventful and emotional time. She taught us not only the basics of caring for our child but the importance of verbal and physical communication between parents and babies in order to fully understand and appreciate one another. Through lots of love, education and compassion, Doris has provided us with the tools we needed to build a foundation for the happiest and healthiest lifelong journey as a new family. We will always consider Doris a close friend and mother and still cannot survive without her!

Brian & Andrea

Anaheim Hills, CA

Doris was an absolute life-saver when the twins arrived! Having never changed a diaper a day in my life before the twins were born, with her expertise, guidance, and dedication, Doris led the way and taught us all we needed to know in caring for our newborns. I don't know how we would have survived it without her!

David & Melody

Riverside, CA

When my husband told me that he needed to go on an important business trip three weeks after the due date of our second child, I knew that I would need help. Our first child was only 20 months old and we had no family in the area to help us. I had heard about postpartum doulas and went on the web to investigate further. I was lucky to find Doris and she came and helped me while my husband was away.

In addition to helping me get the baby on a good sleeping schedule, she helped me to get the thing I needed most - rest. She did the laundry, made meals and generally took care of everything so I could focus on my kids and myself. What I did not know at the time was that we would need Doris again.

When the baby was only 10 weeks old she was diagnosed with croup. We were in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital twice since the baby was having breathing issues. When we were home, I ended up sleeping with the baby in the bathroom since the only thing that seemed to help her breathing was steam baths. After several days of worry and not sleeping, we called Doris. She came immediately and took over for me. She literally slept on the bathroom floor with my baby so that I could get some real sleep. There are not many people who would do this or who I would trust to do this, but Doris is one of them. I will never for get how she has helped me and my baby and my whole family. We love her!

Keith & Mara

Newport Coast, CA

We first met Doris when our second child Evan was born. Evan was a very colicky baby and required many a long night. I would spend all day with our 2 year old Kayla and all night with Evan doing anything and everything I could think of to help soothe him. After 3 months of this routine I was exhausted! Doris saved not only my sanity but my health.

She was loving, kind and knowledgeable and took wonderful care not only of Evan but of the rest of our family as well. When I found out I was pregnant with our third child Eden, I immediately called her. Again she was a God send. We were grateful for her help and guidance and love her to this day.

Mike & Danielle

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Doris Kitchin was sent from heaven to me and my family. We hired Doris one week before the delivery (C-section) of our second child. Only 2 years prior, I had delivered our first son. Two weeks after giving birth to him, I sunk deeply into postpartum depression. In addition to the PPD, he had severe colic, and reflux.

The first few months of his life were extremely difficult for my husband, me, and the baby. We had no idea what we had signed up for. We experienced six months of uncontrollable screaming, and misery for our poor little baby, and severe stress and strain on my husband and I.

The second time around I was prepared to deal with the PPD, and the colic. However, this time I was fortunate enough to know Doris. I explained to her my experience with our first son. She and I were determined to work together to make this baby’s first few months of life much more positive, which would in turn make my life much more positive.

Every night, I found myself waiting at the front door much like a puppy, waiting in anticipation for her arrival. The minute she walked in the door of our home, I was immediately comforted and soothed. She offered various tips and tools to get our son to thrive. And, thrive he did! When the baby was five weeks old, we were having issues with him waking up several times a night. Doris set up daytime schedule for us to follow to correct the baby’s sleep habits. Within two nights, he went from waking up five times a night to only two times a night. She showed us how to properly swaddle the baby in a “Miracle” blanket, which helped him sleep more soundly. She explained to us how babies have three hour cycles which include wake time, sleep and feeding. Most fascinating of all, she could read our baby immediately, and know what he needed within an instant. He was a happy baby. We were happy parents. Thankfully, the second time around I did not experience PPD. Because of Doris, I was a lot calmer, and I got to enjoy this experience a lot better.

Doris was a huge blessing to our family. We were so fortunate to have met her, and to have had her come into our life and our family. I don’t know where we would be today without her knowledge and abilities.

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