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Postpartum Homecare for Families with Multiples

I SPECIALIZE IN MULTIPLES providing support and education about caring for newborns. I will help you to discover strategies to make your life easier with twins and triplets. I am highly qualified in the field of working with multiples and have numerous references for you to contact to talk over how they best used me as there support while incorporating their babies into the family. I can help the nursing mother realize her potential by helping her successfully set up her milk supply not only to feed her babies, but to see them thrive and grow. I can also teach the mother how to tandem feed, synchronize feeding and sleeping habits. In addition to postpartum care, I can help you find resources for parents with multiples.

Surrogate and or Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents and parents using a surrogate can greatly benefit from using Postpartum Care. I offer help, support and resources to avoid fatigue from international or state side travel that can often be overwhelming. I can also help provide numbers of Birth Doulas to assist with the comfort level of the birthing surrogate. My work with parents using adoption and the use of a surrogate has been a very rewarding and exciting time.

Day, Night & 24 Hour Postpartum Doula Care


The postpartum doula may support the new mom, through massage and other self comfort techniques related to birth recovery, help with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, infant bathing, diapering, laundry, dishes, meal preparation, light housekeeping, sibling care, family support and household management.


Overnight services are used especially in the case of preemies, twins, triplets, and more. All new families can benefit from using overnight services, not just families with multiples; many mothers with singletons would just like to get those few extra hours of sleep. In some cases, if the father needs to be away from the home overnight, the presence of a Postpartum Doula provides this additional support to the mother during this transition period. Studies show that a lack of sleep can lead to Postpartum Depression so having night time support, especially for the nursing mother is very important.

24 Hour Care & Travel

There are cases when a family needs 24 hour care. I am willing to discuss the unique needs of each family. It can be beneficial to have a postpartum doula stay for 3 to 4 consecutive 24 hour shifts. This can be as short as a week and as long as 6 weeks+. There are many factors that determine how long the postpartum doula stays with a family. Here are some indications:

Surgical birth
Multiple babies (Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets and more)
Other siblings in the home
Special needs for the newborn
Postpartum Depression for the new mom

Travel Assistance

This service is provided when I can arrange my schedule to meet your needs. My passport is current. Arrangements for travel assistance needs to be made in advance to accommodate everyone's schedule. In addition to a daily postpartum doula fee, traveling expenses will be paid for by the client, including transportation, meals and accommodations.


By choosing the care of a postpartum doula, you are making an investment in your family. Having hands-on, professional, in-home care far outweighs the value of the latest baby product on the market. We understand the investment you are making and we seek to provide you with the highest standard of care and support you in the ongoing responsibilities of parenthood. Ideally, having postpartum care is an option for every new family that needs one.
Fees for postpartum services range between $25 and $35 per hour. Reduced rates may be available to clients in need, please ask.

The peace of mind and experience of being supported during this important time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself. Request the gift of postpartum care from friends and family who want to offer their help when your baby arrives.
Gift Certificates are available in any amount.

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Infant Massage and Infant Massage Instruction

Some of the benefits of infant massage for the baby, parents and caregivers:

Helps ease the stress of a working parent who has be away from their baby
Parents can use infant massage to experience quality time nurturing their baby
Promotes attachment in parent/infant relationships
Helps to relieve discomfort from teething, colic and gas
Enhances parent/infant communication and builds respect
Helps caregiver to feel more confident in caring for the baby
Teaches baby awareness of their body
Helps baby sleep longer and deeper
Helps normalize the muscle tone


Infant massage is a joyful interaction between parents and their children. You don't need to be an expert in massage techniques to do it! Your willingness to be present in the moment and your love of your baby will be the way through which this communication is shared.
Massage is appropriate for children of any age. Both group classes and private instruction in infant massage are available.

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Meet my back up Doula

Marcy Sauter is my doula partner and friend. We met a few years ago at a doula function here in Southern California. We discovered that our philosophies in childbirth and infant care are similar. Since then we have been contracted to work together with families in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Successfully we have synchronized the babies into sleep/wake/feed patterns that make life easier on the parents. Marcy and I have worked together with families of singletons, twins and triplets. Here is a bit about her in her own words:

Marcy Sauter Postpartum Doula
State/Providence Area Representive DONA International

"People that find a profession that they really love are very fortunate! I am one of those people that enjoy what I do. It is such a joy to watch new parents in the early days of parenthood and see them blossom into the roles as they nurture and discover what it means to be a mother/father.

"In addition to loving my profession, I am so happy to have aligned myself to such a wonderful and caring doula, Doris Kitchin. We have worked together for a few years on jobs that were too big for one doula. We have found camaraderie in both business and in friendship. Both Doris and I are dedicated to our profession and continue to attend classes, workshops and conferences that are related in this field." -Marcy Sauter

I am a caring and conscious, professional women who is committed to having a positive effect on the connectedness within families. I carry the highest standard of affiliating with professional postpartum doulas who maintain the following credentials.

A clear criminal history background check
Positive personal and professional references
Current professional liability insurance
Certification from DONA International
Up to date certification in infant CPR & first aid
A commitment to supporting and empowering new parents
On going commitment to continued education in the field of maternal and infant care

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