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About Doris

     I have been a mother for the past 32 years of four wonderful and successful children and have loved each moment. As my children began to leave for college, my life seamlessly flowed into the next chapter. I was called upon by the twin daughters of a close friend who had opened a wellness center in Seal Beach, CA. They expressed their concern for birthing mothers in need of postpartum help. This seemed like the perfect fit as I had spend many years mentoring young mothers, opening my home to them and sharing my parenting style and philosophies. In essence, I had been a doula many years before knowing what a doula was.

     After careful consideration I decided to take the DONA doula training in April of 2004. It has been my joy to help countless families minimize the stress during the postpartum transition period, increase the entire family’s sense of peace and connection and help mothers realize and embrace their ability with breastfeeding and parenting goals.

Credentials and Affiliations

Doula of the Year 2009 DASC

Certified PCD DONA (Doulas of North America)
Infant Massage Parent Trainer (certification pending)
Chapter co-leader of ICAN

DASC (Doulas of Southern California)
CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association
CEA-OC Trust Line (California's background check registry for home care)
Certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR & First Aid
The Baby’s Perspective - Network the Breastfeeding Mother/Baby Dyad 2009


     I believe in providing caring, knowledgeable, support and information in a non-judgmental manner. Equally important is my desire to make my clients feel emotionally comfortable, prepared and confident to be the leaders of their families. I believe that supporting families will empower them and therefore create stronger, healthier babies and communities. Above all, I believe that parents instinctively know what is in the best interest of their child and I will support their decisions on how to care for their child.

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